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Merchandise - Misc

Hardstyle.com Mobile Phone Stand



Price:€ 15,00
Status:In stock


This Mobile Phone Stand gives you more to hold onto while you use your phone, reducing the risk of everyone's biggest fear – the dreaded screen smash. A good time to use it could be when you’re working your way through a busy crowd at a festival while texting, taking a selfie, or filming your favorite DJ.

The mount enables you to attach your phone to your dashboard, mirror, refrigerator, bed post, wall or locker. It's easy to apply to almost any surface and stays in position until you're ready to move it. Your Mobile Phone Stand will snap easily into and out of the mount to enable hands-free viewing, control or navigation. It's lightweight but still strong enough to hold up to lots of use. Attach the Mobile Phone Stand to your phone and then put the Mount in as many convenient locations as you like. 

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