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Merchandise - Misc




Price:€ 8,00
Status:In stock


What is the Hardcap?

A universal bottle cap keychain. No hassle with bringing different caps to festivals!
This keychain will fit almost all bottles. With the Hardcap:

- Do not waste water or soda while walking or dancing
- No insects that can get into your bottle
- Protection against people who want to throw something in your drink

How do you use the Hardcap?

Very simple: you turn the right side to the neck of the bottle. This is quite clear because one of the two sides fits the bottle. The bottle closes well.

Which bottles are appropriate?

Sourcy blue 0.5l
Sourcy red 0.5l
Chaudfontaine blue 0,5l
Chaudfontaine red 0.5l
Chaudfontaine blue 0,33l
Spa blue 0,5l
Spa red 0.5l
Coca Cola / Fanta / Cassis 0.5l
Crystal clear 0.5l

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