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Merchandise - Cd/dvd

Frontliner - Producers Mind

Scantraxx | Frontliner

Brand:Scantraxx | Frontliner

Price:€ 15,00 € 10,00
Status:In stock


Release date: 14-12-2011

Frontliner - Producers Mind: Tracklist

It's not long before “Frontliner - Producers Mind” is to be released. The news of this debut artist album has been spreading through the hard dance scene like nothing else before and from the 14th of December; you will have the opportunity to get your hands on a copy! “Producers Mind” takes you on an adventure through the creative brains of one of Scantraxx Recordz' most well renowned artists, Frontliner. With his unique and versatile sound, he created an album that represents his vision on hard dance music. Within the album you find solo tracks that will cover all corners of this genre, including two remixes and four collaborations. You can find the complete tracklist and further info on how to pre-order your copy below.

1. Frontliner ft. Ellie - Lose The Style
2. Frontliner - Dream Dust
3. Frontliner - You Want It
4. Frontliner & Max Enforcer - We Forget To Live
5. Frontliner - Who I Am (Scope DJ Rmx)
6. Frontliner - Opposites
7. Frontliner - Creative Community
8. Frontliner & Deepack - Move 2 Thiz
9. Frontliner - Time (Album Edit)
10. Frontliner - Whatever!
11. Frontliner - If You Find
12. Ran-D & Frontliner - Skills
13. Frontliner - External Life
14. Frontliner - Extreme Loudnezz
15. Frontliner - Spacer (The Prophet Remuxx)

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