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Merchandise - Cd/dvd

Digital Punk - Adapt Or Die Album

Scantraxx Recordz

Brand:Scantraxx Recordz

Price:€ 20,00 € 12,00
Status:In stock


The hardest of hearts better prepare to ‘Adapt Or Die,’ as Hardstyle heavyweight Digital Punk is preparing to drop a missile like no other. To be officially released on the 11th of October 2016, this colossal project is a must-have for all die-hards! Featuring 23 tracks, including brand-new material you’ve never heard before, ‘Adapt Or Die’ is released as a deluxe edition album only.

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1. Digital Punk – Intro

2. Digital Punk ft. MC Nolz – Adapt or Die

3. Digital Punk & Radical Redemption – Protest of Indignation

4. Digital Punk & ANDY SVGE – Hit Me With The Hard

5. Digital Punk & Endymion – Stand Up & Fight

6. Digital Punk & The R3belz – The Last Remaining Light (Clockartz Remix)

7. Public Enemies – You’re All Going to Die

8. Digital Punk – Raw to the Core

9. Digital Punk & B-Front ft. MC Alee – Take it All

10. Digital Punk & Alpha2 – Loud As F#ck

11. Digital Punk – Demon By Night

12. Digital Punk & Sub Sonik – Bring It To ‘Em Raw

13. Digital Punk & Mean Machine – How We Roll

14. Digital Punk – Hate On Me

15. Digital Punk & Outbreak ft. Sabacca – Break Your Face

16. Digital Punk & Adaro – Bring You The Pain

17. Digital Punk & DV8 – R.F.L.

18. Masters of Ceremony – Bottoms Up (Digital Punk Remix)

19. Adaro & E-Force ft. Mc Nolz – Open the Gates (Public Enemies Remix)

20. Digital Punk – Invasion (Sub Zero Project Remix)

21. Digital Punk – Rest In Hell (Radical Redemption Remix)

22. Public Enemies – Crank Up The Fuckin’ Volume

23. Digital Punk & Evil Activities – Jealousy

24. Digital Punk ft. MC Nolz – Adapt or Die (Furyan Remix)

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