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Jumpstyle is a sub-category of electronic dance music with the emphasis on the hard bass. Back in the days it was generally produced between approximately 130-140 bpm (beats per minute), but over the years this style matured, to approximately 140-148 beats per minute. In the nineties Jumpstyle developed itself from Hardcore and Oldschool music, with influences from a lot of other electronic styles. At first Jumpstyle was named US Hard House. That is why this style is mistaken for styles like Hardstyle, Hardcore and Rave. Back in 2004, Jumpstyle gained a lot of popularity when youngsters started doing the dance 'Jump' everywhere. Poogie Bear, Mark V, DJ Coone, Mark with a K, Dr Rude, DJ Ruthless, Da Boy Tommy, Da Ricci, Jeckyl & Hyde, Lobotomy Inc, Major Bryce, Greg C, are and were Artists who represent this music style.