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Industrial Hardcore
Industrial Hardcore is a sub-category of Hardcore- or Gabbermusic, with a more dark and cold character. It's a genre that is known for experimenting with influences like Techno, Hardcore and Hardstyle music, using dark, chaotic and distorted sounds. Instruments and sounds that are used for the Industrial style are mostly samples, drumloops, synthesizers and drumcomputers. Emphasis of this sub-category is rather on the rhythmic than melodies. Some mistake Industrial Hardcore for Industrial music, due to the name, but Industrial Hardcore is not related to Industrial music in any way. Industrial Hardcore can have a wide range of bpm (beats per minute). From 140 bpm it can even go up to 250bpm, it can also have another names like French Core or Terror. Artists like Amada, Partyraiser, Unexist, Daj Day-mar (Daymar), Tommyknocker, Dr. Peacock, Negative A, Lenny D, Rob Gee are and were Artists who represent this music style.