The Yofridiz



The partnership of The Yofridiz a.k.a Dj Y.O.Z. and Matt Manfridi was founded in 2005. After meeting each other at an event in their native North Wales in 2001 soon became firm friends through their passion for then, a new sound of music \'Hardstyle\'. After establishing themselves as separate dj’s in the North Wales founded ‘Frequency’ their now established hardstyle based event. After numerous back to back sets at Frequency soon realised their futures lie as a duo and The Yofridiz were born. Over the last few years have steadily been building themselves a strong reputation within the UK hardstyle/hard dance scene. Known for their hardstyle sound, unique mixing style and crowd hyping antics behind the decks which has seen them play at nearly all the biggest hard dance events in the UK, playing along side all the big UK artists and some of the biggest names in the hardstyle scene. Keep It Hardstyle!!!!