The Speed Freak



We don´t actually think that it is necessary to introduce Martin Damm to you, as you can be sure that within the last 10 years every techno-dj has had some of his releases in his record- case. Being in the record-business for 11 years Martin Damm has produced more than 230 records (12inches, CDs, Albums) and numerous tracks on compilations with his several projects going under names like Biochip C., Subsonic 808, Steel, Null, Spin, Braindub, The Speed Freak, Search & Destroy, R.I.C., Phase IV, The Shapeshifter, a.m.o. and has worked with labels like (amongst others) Force Inc Music works, Mille Plateaux, ESP, Go Bang, Mokum, Industrial Strength, Analog, DJ-ungle Fever, Monotone, Pharma, Suck Me Plasma, several small labels, some major-companies and his own labels Shockwave, Napalm, Agent Orange and Anodyne.