Hardstyle Rockerz



Patrick and Nico started in 2005 to implement their project Hardstyle Rockerz. Previously, both as a DJ already and could make their experience of what is now a positive effect for them.
It quickly became apparent that the two complement each other perfectly as a team.
At first it was small but fine parties where they were busy but over time it became more and even bigger bookings in the national context. They sat down in the Hardstyle scene and present a name now in the best clubs in Switzerland, such as The OXA, where they are regularly since 2008 to meet behind the desk at the legendary Hardstyle Night. With its own tracks, they show that they have the know how to produce. On the Street Parade 2010, the two on Love Mobile of adrenaline and Scantraxx events booked and could show off their skills with flying colors represent the best DJ\'s from Holland. In the near distance and international events are now to be considered and also to establish themselves there and to make a name. Another highlight in 2010 is imminent, as the guys start their own label under the name of HSR Records. In 2012, the two guys reached another milestone and they publish the track ohoo under the famous Swiss Label Sector Beatz.
Since excited to see what the two guys in the near future will bring magic to you!