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Label:Next Cyclone
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Length:22:52 / 6 tracks


Xcite strikes back with his second release on Next Cyclone!

"Invasion #TiH" is the first track on the EP, already supported by a lot of worldwide DJs and played in the Dutch biggest festivals. Featured in the "This is Hardcore -" Rebellious" album, it's recognizable for Xcite tipical party sound. Even if it's the slowest track of the EP, it got the perfect drive, and the mysterious break, dark melody and a hard climax makes this track a truly dancefloor monster.

The EP continues with "Keep it up". With an higher bpm rate than the title track, this piece got everything: an intro orchestral part, a kickass melody/kickdrum combination and a rhythm that never gets boring.

The last track of the EP, "Stardust", is an euphoric one, with a cool but different melody. An heavy lead with powerfull kicks are the recipe of this track.

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