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Wasted Penguinz - Clarity - Dirty Workz - 01:40:28 - 28.11.2016


Wasted Penguinz

Label:Dirty Workz
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Length:01:40:28 / 16 tracks


Duplicated from (Dirty Workz Wasted Penguinz "Clarity")

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My favourite HS Album

8 December 2016 | By:

I fllow Wasted Penguinz since 2011, when I heard Anxiety (Defqon 1 version). I was immediately captured by their amazing melodic compositions. Over 5 years have gone since that moment, and my admiration for Penguinz (as well as for Hardstyle genre) has grown up day after day. This "Clarity" is their second album, that has early become my favourite. I'm totally in love with its suggestive atmosphere, its enchanting music, its touching themes, and last but least, the wonderful voices. All is perfection.Thank you, Pontuz & Jon, for every magic emotion you get me. Greetings and hugs from one of your best italian fans