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Let's get it on


Label:Traxtorm Records
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:11:45 / 2 tracks


The most awaited sampler from the AoF album is finally out!
Two tunes that have been played by all the top hardcore djs packed in one beautiful picture vinyl!
Cause both tracks deserved to be on the A side we decided to make a special graphic, giving to both tracks the importance they must have.
On the Black side you'll find "Let's get it on", produced by AoF in collaboration with one of the most respected names of the scene, Endymion. Surely one of the biggest hits of 2008, pushed by all the top notch djs and published on almost all the compilations of this year.
On the white side "Party starter", a collaboration with one of the most innovative and talented producer of the moment, Mad Dog. Banging vocals, a superb climax in the break make it the perfect party tune.

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