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Kontamination Volume One - The Antidote: Hard Edition

Various Artists

Label:Kontaminated Recordings
Category:Downloads / Albums
Style:Hard Dance
Length:01:25:56 / 19 tracks


Satroniq, DJ Delirium, and John Bas present the culmination of their label Kontaminated Recordings best hard releases along with 4 unreleased banging new tracks. This is the comp of the summer!

All pro full length tracks for hard dance DJs!

These are Kontaminated Recordings most infectious tracks of ALL TIME featuring 4 unreleased mega banging bonus tracks!

Get tracks by the amazing Alex Kidd, up and comer Michael Phase, hard dance pioneers Delirium and Satroniq, NYC underground all star John Bas, THE ONE AND ONLY RAW STYLE REMIX of Lenny Dee's seminal Hardcore hit Fuckin Hostile by acclaimed artist General Guyble, and an assorted globe trotting massive mess of mayhem to get your party full tilt Kontaminated!

So you get Kontaminated while we provide the Antidote!


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