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Tommyknocker feat. Ian K - Scream - Traxtorm Records - 21:13 - 03.08.2010


Tommyknocker feat. Ian K

Label:Traxtorm Records
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:21:13 / 3 tracks


"Scream" is the beginning of the collaboration between Tommy and Ian K, a new smashing MC from Phoenix (USA).
Tommyknocker-style makes another step beyond. Research can't be stopped.
Futuristic and vintage at the same time, "Scream" is a journey thru the history of synths: Korg Ms 20, Korg Mono/Poly, Virus B, JP 8080 are the rulers of the scene here.
Melody, groove, giant kickdrums and the rough voice of Ian K blend into a sound which is never trivial, an ultimate dancefloor killer.
"In the shadow" is a slow and deep track, a pure trip into Tommy's sick and driven mind.
A chef-d'oeuvre build up on Jessica Pearson's obsessive voice, 70's analogue synths sounds and sick plugins: the track goes from a loop to the total audio chaos, here vanguard and past become one.
"Demolition remix" closes the e.p. in the best and fastest and hardest way.
This remix is the result of a mad nighttime studio session of Evil Activities and Lenny Dee.
The class and the power of these 2 artists create another floorfiller for this 2010's hot summer.

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