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Tommyknocker - Criminal - Traxtorm Records - 16:47 - 10.04.2009



Label:Traxtorm Records
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Length:16:47 / 3 tracks


Two years, a couple of bomb remixes and hundreds of performances later, Tommyknocker is back with a new EP.
"Criminal" (B1), naming the entire record, is the demonstration that the sound research of Tommy has no end, and that his messages can have a political meaning. A track with a vintage touch but with modern power. Criminal is on the scene since December and has been play by top DJ's on the most important events till now. A track that defines really clear the choice of an artistic direction that Tommy is following since a few years: a crossover between mainstream and darkcore: hard but straight and easy to be catched by the crowd.
On the A side "Crunk". Adjective from the English slang: "exciting and fun, energized as if crazy and drunk", and that's the mood of the track. This song will be danced everywhere the next months. Playing this track... you will get your club crunk!
The last track on the vinyl is "One Sick DJ". What are the ingredients for a cool night? Tommy thinks : a sick DJ, a bastard bitch, some hardcore and it's party time!
Tommy demonstrates to be a "sick, crunk, criminal DJ" once again, and it's obvious that this vinyl must be in your record case for a long time.

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