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The Stunned Guys - The Remix Bash #01 - Traxtorm Records - 25:05 - 22.12.2016

The Remix Bash #01

The Stunned Guys

Label:Traxtorm Records
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:25:05 / 6 tracks


We’re proud to launch the Remix Bash, the new project by Maxx Monopoli aka The Stunned Guys, the mastermind behind the whole thing here, who has invited some of the most important artists to remix one track selected from his huge hardcore discog of the past 25 years. The first release of the Remix Bash project is the amazing remix of SHE (released on 1998) produced by no one other than Tha Playah. nMany will follow.nOriginal remastered versions will be also included in every release as free bonus tracks.nMore plans regarding The Stunned Guys Remix Bash are still hidden, so stay tuned and see what the future will unleash...

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