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Shock The Audience

The Stunned Guys

Label:Traxtorm Records
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:25:40 / 6 tracks


Ready for some new hardcore-party breed of tracks?
After a long awaiting, The Stunned Guys return with a big release on Traxtorm Records, first of some forthcoming ones!

"Shock the audience #TiH" is a straight-in-your-face dancefloor killer which brings back some of that party-vibe sound of The Stunned Guys. A big-balls kickdrum drives the track from an early-flow part straight into a big emotional melody, for a perfect climax.

"Dancefloor dictator #TiH" is finally out by public demand after 2 years from the appearance on the first "This is Hardcore" free album. Now it comes in a remastered full version. The message "I've dedicated my life to this music" says it all...

"Atmorico" is a mashup of 2 big hits from the past "Atmosfera" and "Party rico!", with some vocal takes from "Beats time" and "Thrillseeka". It has been made a while ago by Tommyknocker and Mad Dog, originally produced as a dj-tool only. Now it is finally available for all you hardcore maniacs out there. A must have.

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