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The Stunned Guys - Remixing project 3 - Hymn - Traxtorm Records - 18:08 - 13.06.2008

Remixing project 3 - Hymn

The Stunned Guys

Label:Traxtorm Records
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:18:08 / 3 tracks


Finally on vinyl the long awaited remixes of the legendary Stunned Guys' track "Hymn", which during the second half of the '90 has been one of the most known hardcore anthem allover.
DJ Neophyte's remix (A1) is surely the best hardcore track with such a "rave feeling" you can expect on 2008.
Amnesys' remix (B1) is an innovating hardcore hammer, which stays absolutly hard even with the original "Hymn" female vocal, something to spin!
As bonus track on B2 there's the 2008 rebuild of "The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul - Hardcore takin'over", one of the most classix hardcore tune ever, produced by spanish David Max, the resident dj of the amazing club Piramide (Castellon - SP), one of the most popular hardcore clubs in Spain.

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