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Our thing e.p. Part 1

The Stunned Guys, Neophyte, DJ Lancinhouse

Label:Traxtorm Records
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:11:01 / 2 tracks


3 worldwide-famous hardcore masters join their forces to create this new EP. It's a difficult task to describe in a few words this vinyl; on it you can find "Wonderbra by the Stunned Guys & Neopyhte" and "Drum 'n' bass by The Stunned Guys & Dj Lancinhouse". "Wonderbra" is a greatest expression of that "party" style hardcore in 2004: hi-quality arrangements and sounds, enriched with some hip hop flavour (that is not bad), and a kick drum that sounds like an earthquake. "Drum 'n' bass" is a pure 909 power demonstration, a non-stop beat that doesn't let you breath, with a vocal loop that goes directly in your brain...
Hardcore is "our thing"...

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