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The Stunned Guys & Art of Fighters - United by hardness - Traxtorm Records - 11:02 - 04.06.2010

United by hardness

The Stunned Guys & Art of Fighters

Label:Traxtorm Records
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Length:11:02 / 2 tracks


"United by hardness", supreme collaboration between The Stunned Guys and Art of Fighters, official 2010 anthem of the wellknown United Hardcore Forces party, is finally out now on a wonderful picture disc.

The sound of the track is powerful and effective, the middle break is built up on a slow tempo hardcore kick drum, which takes you into the massive floorfiller melody.

The lyrics speak by themselves...

On the B side the aggressive and strong remix by Meccano Twins on their typical style, a smashing kick drum, earbleeding grooves and noisy sounds.

Hereby the lyrics:

you believing' the lies
but action must be taken
what is the price
da true scene's stolen

trust no preachers
deviates you from the truth
we united by hardness
we forces in a row

Fuck fashion
Fuck the losers
Fuck news on TV
Fuck the VIP
Fuck you, you mind raper
be my toilet paper
Fuck, you dummy liar
Sleep now in the fire

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