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The Stunned Guys & Art of Fighters - Out thing e.p. Part 3 - Traxtorm Records - 19:23 - 08.04.2008

Out thing e.p. Part 3

The Stunned Guys & Art of Fighters

Label:Traxtorm Records
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:19:23 / 4 tracks


The third edition of the Our Thing saga features the collaboration between The Stunned Guys and Art of Fighters.
"Eternal" (A1) is a track with very particular sounds, atmospheres and vocals, and it is already played by the tops. The message of the track is clear: this is everlasting...
"Dopenose" (A2) is a crazy track which joins straight 200 Bpm hardcore with a pure swing intermezzo, this is audiomadness!
"Getting blowed up" (B1), extracted from the new AoF album, is a mainstyle track with all those ingredients which are gonna set the dancefloor on fire.
"Rhythm rock shocker" (B2) is a perfect track to start your set with some oldschool flavour: a 2008's giant kickdrum and an old style sound.

Our Thing: hardcore "la cosa nostra"...

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