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The Melodyst - New Dawn - Traxtorm Records - 14:50 - 17.12.2015

New Dawn

The Melodyst

Label:Traxtorm Records
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:14:50 / 4 tracks


Since they've joined Traxtorm, they've never stopped working, and the results aren't lacking!
The Melodyst return with a new EP to complete an amazing 2015!

"New dawn" confirms the quality and the creativity of the duo, it takes us to 2016 with faith. It is a melodic track with an addictive "old school rave" vocal line. A party atmosphere that turns into a drop of energy with the usual badness and technique in which the duo has accustomed us, and that will make you crazy! Let's go...

"C.O.R.E." is the evidence that even if you increas BPMs, the technical quality is however their thing. A straight track that will destroy the floors!

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