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The Collectorz - Roll Deep EP - Metrophonic Resistance - 16:09 - 19.11.2012

Roll Deep EP

The Collectorz

Label:Metrophonic Resistance
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:16:09 / 3 tracks


The "Roll Deep EP" by The Collectorz is a load of outstanding Hardstyle. The EP contains with "Roll Deep", "One Leader", and "Timewarp" three state-of-the-art Hardstyle tracks, which are released by Metrophonic Resistance!

Succeeding in the Dutch dominated Hardstyle genre is a challenge, which is only passed by a few artists outside of the Netherlands. "The Collectorz" have been featured on the label of the 'Godfather of Hardstyle' DJ Vortex and gained recognition in the Hardstyle scene.

The latest coup, the "Roll Deep EP", is released on Metrophonic Resistance. The eponymous track "Roll Deep" as well as "One Leader" and "Timewarp" impress with phat melodies, bassdrums, effects and with distinctive vocals.

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