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Submit Yourself + Intensity

Tea Vuckovic

Label:Techburst Records
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:13:43 / 2 tracks


Tea Vuckovic is a name that we know you'll be hearing a lot of over the next few months. We introduced her to you last month on Techburst with her incredible remix of Mark Sherry & Gene Karz Global Eclipse, but now she delivers a massive debut EP for TBR. We have 2 tracks here to stimulate your senses called Submit Yourself and Intensity. Both tracks have earth-shattering basslines that will literally rock and crumble the most sturdy of techno clubs right down to their foundations. Eerie stabs, dark elements and effervescent synths spin and twist their way through both tracks and are complemented by Tea's own spoken vocal parts. This is grade A techno from Tea and we suggest that you check out her edgy EP right now!

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