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Narotix - Frozen EP (Original Mixes) - Bitcreate Media - 11:34 - 30.07.2014

Frozen EP (Original Mixes)

Original Mixes


Label:Bitcreate Media
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:11:34 / 2 tracks


Narotix hails from the country of Sweden, a country with a growing, passionate hardstyle crowd. Striving to combine euphoric and raw hardstyle, Linus Malm, the name behind Narotix, strives to combine fierce kicks with stimulating melodies. Discovering hardstyle through a friend, Narotix became dedicated to producing the genre following experimentation with a variety of genres including house, trance, and dubstep. Hardstyle’s unique nature gave Linus motivation to become more than an avid fan. With aspirations to perform among Sweden’s elite at popular events like Monday Bar and Deztination, Narotix began producing at the age of sixteen. Through years of trial and error, Linus studied the art of music production in preparation for his emergence on the hard dance scene.

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