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Markove - Reawaken EP (Original) - Bitcreate Media - 11:05 - 22.04.2014

Reawaken EP (Original)



Label:Bitcreate Media
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:11:05 / 2 tracks


Markove focuses on producing and mixing hardstyle using a unique blend of raw and euphoric. Whether with an uplifting melody or a punchy bassline, David “Markove” Markov is determined to establish a rare breed of creativity. Hardstyle represents an entire world for David to explore; one full of the melodies trance taught him to love and the powerful, more defined bass he has been yearning for. Hardstyle became a day and night passion following David’s discovery of the genre in high school. Being a native of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area has presented many obstacles for a genre newcomer. Hardstyle hasn’t reached the shores of the United States en masse yet, but David welcomes the challenge of helping hardstyle to spread amongst his fellow Americans.

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