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The Wonder Of Music EP

El Grekoz

Label:Metrophonic Resistance
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:23:12 / 4 tracks


Metrophonic Resistance welcomes another Hardstyle-only act on its label: El Grekoz! The „The Wonder of Music“ EP includes four Hardstyle bombs, which provides a sensational debut for the Greek artist.

El Grekoz consist of the two producers Antonis Hohlakis and Nikos Bikakis, who are based in Crete (Greece). The first collaboration with Metrophonic Resistance has been their remix for “Fallen Angel” by Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone, which was released in summer 2012. The contact was strengthened through Sonic Art Mastering, which is the mastering service of label co-founder Marlon ‘Accuface’ Jürs. Finally, the “The Wonder Music” EP is the third coup. Next to the eponymous track, the EP comes with the tracks “United”, “Everything as One” and “Bad Music, House Music” – four rough Hardstyle smashers!

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