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El Grekoz Feat. Yuna X - The Wonder Of Music (The Remixes) - Metrophonic Resistance - 17:32 - 16.08.2013

The Wonder Of Music (The Remixes)

El Grekoz Feat. Yuna X

Label:Metrophonic Resistance
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:17:32 / 3 tracks


“The Wonder of Music” was made for more remixes, being the eponymous track of the latest El Grekoz EP. This opportunity for a remix release is now implemented by the Greek producer duo and the Metrophonic Resistance label.

Antonis Hohlakis and Nikos Bikakis alias El Grekoz have set a milestone in their career with this EP. The epic melody of “The Wonder of Music” is a great occasion to add more remixes to this song. Certainly, Metrophonic Resistance label artist Concept didn’t miss this and provided an amazing remix. Additionally, K96 and Peacekeeper produced their Hardstyle versions of this song.

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