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Dozer - Elephant EP - Gearbox Euphoria - 09:18 - 29.05.2017

Elephant EP


Label:Gearbox Euphoria
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Length:09:18 / 2 tracks


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Combining the old & the new

31 May 2017 | By:

A new EP from Dozer... Well I didn't know that he's still in the business =D.OK, but now to the tracks =)ELEPHANT ====================== I'm no fan of euphoric, but the melody of this track is quite catchy. And also I think the synth is a little bit more in the oldschool direction. Some vocals (at least some shout or anything) would have been good I think.VRUUGER ====================== I listened to it for the first time and I thought "Hmmm... I don't know if this is good or not"....... I listened to it for the second time.... and YES it is good =D =D. The title is not chosen accidentally, this track sounds like the hardstyle 5-8 years ago =). The first track which came in my mind was Pavo - From Scratch when I heard "Vruuger". It has a nice reverse bassline, some screeches, variations of these screeches which makes the track varied and not boring.All in all 2 new tracks which can be played in the main time of any party I think =). 3 stars for the first track (I'm no euphoric-fan =) ), 4 stars for the second. =D