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Here comes the madness

DJ Mad Dog

Label:Traxtorm Records
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:13:31 / 3 tracks


The Dog is back!!!
His new record "Here comes the madness" is ready to attack the hardcore dancefloors of the planet.
3 tracks of pure Mad Dog style, from mainstream to the most aggressive hardcore.

The A1 "The flow" is the mainstream track of the E.P. Heavy kicks and melody made to stick into your mind.
A new floorfilla for all the hardcore Djs.

The B1 "Here comes the madness" already made dance thousand of gabbers on the best clubs and parties of the world:
growling vocals, kicks and sounds as only our Dog can do.

The B2 is "Next level" is already played by artists as AniMe, Angerfist and Day-Mar. It is a cool mix of hardcore and hardtechno.
Schranz grooves + hardcore kick = pure energy bomb!!!

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