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The future

DJ Mad Dog feat. MC Jeff

Label:Traxtorm Records
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Length:19:32 / 4 tracks


The new EP extracted from the successful Mad Dog's Album is "The future", which takes the title of the main featured track.

"The future" is a cover track of the original tune from 1992 by Dyewitness & The Nightraver, re-worked by DJ Mad Dog, featuring the vocal talent of MC Jeff. The bassline is the power of this tune, which brings your mind back to the origins of Hardcore. It is joined with a beautiful melody and as the lyrics, "this is the future" also meant as the future of this track.

"Rude motherfuckers" features the crazy voice of Lenny Dee. How everyone knows, Mad Dog is the king of eclecticism, he can do every kind of Hardcore, giving exactly the same explosive power to his tracks, from 155 to 200 BPM, doesn't matter the tempo, what really matters to him is to make something new and totally insane. This track is bouncing beats that bubble into an eruption of party vibes, everybody will want to move!

In this Ep there are also 2 remixes included.
The first one is a great rmx by Odious of the old track "Dj Mad Dog Feat. M.C. Tha Watcher - Dreams"
Second one is the rmx by Nekasrof of the track "Last motherfuckers", winner of the recent rmx contest.
Surely these guys know what they want and we will hear a lot about them in the next future.

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