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Bloodpeak - Rave Dimension - Sector Zero - 07:39 - 06.03.2017

Rave Dimension


Label:Sector Zero
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:07:39 / 2 tracks


Boys and girls in the place, fasten your seat belt and get ready for a power boost:
Bloodpeak is releasing his first EP under Sector Zero. This new generation artist, with a massive artistic potential, is bringing you into his personal vision of the rave dimension.
This flashback into the 90’s atmosphere Bloodpeak has been inspired by two hardcore legends such as Marshall Masters and Human Resource.
This vibrant track, characterized by an acid bass, a 90’s breakbeat surrounded by synths, and rhythmical elements coexisting harmoniously together, will blow up the raw dance floors of the hard scene. The sound, designed with a magical attention to every detail, will surely get you off your feet.

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