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Label:Sector Zero
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Bloodpeak is starting claiming the “attention” he deserves!
There is a fine line between genius and insanity, and with his latest track Bloodpeak erased this line!
No great mind has never existed without a touch of madness! The same madness that this 21 years Italian Raw Hardstyle masterminded artists, has infused in the track “Minimal”!
Bloodpeak has the technical brilliance and the musical genius to create a masterpiece on the spot and to contribute to the evolution of the Hardstyle sound into new and forceful directions!
“Minimal” is bringing a fresh and invigorating perspective on the RAW scene, affecting the broader Hardstyle community of fans! It goes without saying the clash between the “gigantic” futuristic baselines of the first part and the “90’s” sounds of the break.
What Bloodpeak hates the most about minimal music is that it keeps raising up like it’s never gonna drop!
Well, he’s personal “Minimal” perspective drops with hyperbolic violence! And so... check this out!

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