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Toilet Chant

Black Sun Productions

Label:Hallow Ground
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Length:42:50 / 6 tracks


The musicians and performance artists Pierce and Massimo aka Black Sun Productions
initially acquired renown in the noughties with their impressive stage performances at COIL
live shows. Thus, their early work Toilet Chant, which was released in 2004 as a limited CD,
also includes Jhonn Balance's edited voice, which was recorded during the tour.
Toilet Chant is disturbing in its own way. The beseeching and eerily howling sound-collage
on the introductory title track causes one to freeze, after which "Anarcocks Rising", with its
chirping beats, is almost a relief. The whole album boasts a rather oppressive and wintry
mood and is characterised by experiences with death, drugs and sex. With haunting songs
like "Spermatic Chord" or "Glüewürmlitanz", Black Sun Productions have managed to give
their music an unmistakable touch. Toilet Chant is available on vinyl for the first time via
Hallow Ground with completely new artwork by artist Ruth Stofer.

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