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Dies Juvenalis

Black Sun Productions

Label:Hallow Ground
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Length:23:03 / 3 tracks


The musicians and performance artists Pierce and Massimo aka Black Sun Productions initially acquired renown in the noughties with their impressive stage performances at COIL live shows.
With "Dies Juvenalis", Black Sun Productions have served up a captivating concept album.
The album opens with a reflection on one's own perception (Percettive Riflessioni), which
sets an unusual ly upbeat tone for the duo. Pierce and Massimo's heavily manipulated voices interweave with strings and oscillating beats. Over the course of ten minutes this refines the listener's perception enabling the full beauty, drama and mysticism of the music to manifest itself when the title track "Dies Juvenalis" starts. Polyrhythmic percussion and layers of sampled flute sounds provoke an altered state of consciousness: a beatific, playful and melancholic energy evocative of one's adolescence. The album closes with "Veneration XXX"; an ethereal homage to pleasureand lust.

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