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Art Of Fighters - Words Of War - Traxtorm Records - 23:17 - 25.02.2015

Words Of War

Art Of Fighters

Label:Traxtorm Records
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:23:17 / 6 tracks


They fire their bullets, we fire with words.nnAfter the success of "Fuck you!" and "Creatures of the night" AoF presents "Words of War".nDeep atmosphere, crazy buildups and heavy sound research to create the ultimate mainstream track. Tested and approved by dancefloors around the globe.nn"Hellfire" is the second collaboration between AoF and DJ Predator: massive kicks with a bit of oldschool feeling, some hints of drum&bass and a lot of energy. Made to smash the crowd.nn"Hear me coming", together with Meccano Twins close the EP. It's immediate and direct, nothing fancy to understand, a 190bpm kick train sent straight into your face. Nothing more than hardcore, and nothing less.

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