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Into The Future (HARDGATE 05 Anthem)

Art Of Fighters Vs Dp

Label:Traxtorm Records
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Length:29:50 / 8 tracks


The Art of Fighters have opened a new chapter in Hardcore history.
After more than a decade of groundbreaking releases and memorable performances at all major European Hardcore festivals, they decided to get out of their comfort zone and explore new horizons, bringing their uncompromising hardcore sound to Japan!
This project was translated into a musical tour to Osaka, Sapporo and a final act in Tokyo, where they found the most dedicated crowd ever.
Top it it off with the event anthem: “Into the Future” vs dp (HARDGATE 05 Anthem).
This track embodies the masked duo’s vision of future Hardcore: few essentials and impressive sounds, cool vocals and a tight and powerful musical rhythm. The original voice has been made by “dp”, a local singer.
The Japanese version of the anthem was instead produced by Myosuke, a local Hardcore hero.
The complete EP consists in 4 tracks: the 2 anthems and 2 different remix of the best in class Japanese Hardcore artists. Roughsketch remixed “God’s Fury” and 6th remixed “Revenge”.

This futuristic release will be coupled up with a mind-twisting video-clip shot in Japan that will be released the 19/07/17.

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