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Art of Fighters

Label:Traxtorm Records
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Length:14:48 / 3 tracks


Second release taken from the Art of Fighters album, featuring 3 tracks which have marked AoF's career, remixed by 3 of the top notch producers of the moment.
"Artwork" (A1), hit track on 2001 and slammin again on 2008 thanks to the mighty rmx of Tha Playah: mindblowing break and fresh sounds for a track already hammered by all the tops.
On the flip "Hardcore makes the world move" (B1), remixed by Promo. Sonic experiments and avantgarde feelings on the rivisitation of this track from 2000, which is considered by many as the best track ever produced by AoF.
As B2 Ophidian remixed "Sinapse", the first Meccano Twins' release. Again a great work: Ophidian maintained the vibe and the strenght of the original adding a touch of power and rawness tipical of his tracks.
Useless to say: as every Art of Fighters records, this one in a must have too!

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