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Label:Traxtorm Records
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Length:12:56 / 3 tracks


Ideas and concepts which become sounds...
This e.p. merges past, present and future, new stuff for tomorrow's artists' inspiration.
In the new Amnesys release you can hear big influences from the nineties, as well as from other nowadays styles.
"Refly" (A1) goes thru various periods of hardcore styles which have deeply influenced the actual Amnesys' sound.
The track is built around an effective vocal break, which suddenly becomes an hurricane of synths and kick drums, throwin away any doubt: this track is absolutely revolutionary!
"Ctrl_D_Future" (B1) is a pure experimental track, which goes far away from the standard mainstream hardcore style: sounds, tricks and harmony make a clear statement of this.
"System Crash" (B2) complete the release in the most brutal way.
Intro and break "Prodigy-style" perfectly glued with giant kick drums, Lenny Dee's vocals and a riff coming straight from the evil side...

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