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Big Bang


Label:Traxtorm Records
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Length:21:59 / 5 tracks


The little wizard from Rome-Italy strikes once again with new next-level tracks.
Amnesys keeps on delivering high quality stuff, ideas and concepts that make his style unique.
"Big bang" and "The troublemaker #TiH" are the proof that his music and production skills are still evolving, track after track.

"Big bang"

This new gem by Amnesys stretches the boundaries of Hardcore in a new direction.
An introspective message fused with acoustic drum sounds surrounded by
synths, pads, effects and rhytmhical elements coexisting harmoniosly and perfectly balanced between each other.
Its melodic leads, synth rhythmic flow and huge kick drums give this track a vigorous/euphoric and effective life.
You know there are no other artists like Amnesys and this is the proof: this track defies any definition yet it is so hardcore.

"The troublemaker #TiH" feat. Axys & Nolz

Full length mix, highest quality and remastered version of this well known dancefloor banger.
Its tight kick drum, tricks, groove changes, riff lines and vocals make this track catchy and obstinate keeping an amazing party vibe.
The troublemaker has been played already at the most important big events of the harddance scene.
Supported by names such as DJ Mad Dog, Audiofreq, Art of Fighters, The Prophet, Kutsky just to name a few.

"Big bang (STND Edit)"

The Stunned Guys' edit version of the original, more straight with a re-arranged build up, drop and outro, keeping its original introspective & vigorous vibe but with that extra drive which is the tipical Maxx's stamp.
Perfect track to play when the crowd is warm!

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