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Alien T - The Hammer Of The Devil - Traxtorm Records - 23:31 - 03.12.2014

The Hammer Of The Devil

Alien T

Label:Traxtorm Records
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:23:31 / 6 tracks


The hammer of the DevilnnAlien took a risk by producing such a track: it has retro-future taste that no one produces nowadays. Nevertheless, after playing it the first time on the dancefloor, he knew he won the bet. People love that, people ravaged on internet, and the more they listen to it, the more they want it. This track could easily be one of the most successful of the year. Get this and abuse it in your set, people can't get enough of the hammer of the Devil.nnnNo popularity reasonsnnThe title is a statement itself: Alien T didn't start to produce music for popularity reasons but for the love of the hard sounds. The choice to produce a track in his "year 2010 style" was made to bring out the feelings he had when he made "Bullets in their heads", his debut EP on Traxtorm Records.nThe main ingredient of the track is the simplicity combined with big kickdrums, a good groove and a catching melody that make it a real pumping Hardcore track.nnnInvisible world #TiHnnThis famous track from This is Hardcore has a dark/chilling/introspective intro and a powerful groove. The melody part is very cinematic and it builds up the way the dancefloor needs! Good work Alieno!

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