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Alien T - Bullets in their heads - Traxtorm Records - 20:15 - 16.03.2010

Bullets in their heads

Alien T

Label:Traxtorm Records
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:20:15 / 4 tracks


Always going further, believing in your own dreams and working hard to make them come true, these are the reasons which made Alien T to release his first ep on Traxtorm Records.
"Bullets in their heads" (A1) has a very catchy break and such a simple but effective melody which sticks in yourt head just after the first listening.
"Wartime" (A2) is build up on a giant kickdrum and some strong vocals which make the dancefloor scream!
B1 "Ghetto Mentality" makes it up with a vocal loop keep going on together with a big kick drum, going down into a dancefloor-oriented breakdown and starting again with a very particular distorted and resonant screaming synth.
"Rock the nation" (B2), already released on Always Hardcore vol.22 and other cds, is a perfect dancefloor track.

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