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We Are The Freaks

Advanced Dealer

Label:Traxtorm Records
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:24:03 / 6 tracks


With his 2nd release Advanced Dealer shows his vision about Hardcore music. 3 tracks ranging from his typical style to happy or raw atmospheres.

"We are the freaks"

Once upon a time there was the magical world of Advanced Dealer.

A track which is different from the standards, this is an experiment with happier atmospheres. A magic tale told from the voice of Jessica Pearson that leads us into a fantastic adventure in the world of Freaks.

An euphoric and engaging melody in continous evolution, surrounded by lots of weird sounds, a jumpy kickdrum and... an unusual ending!


The "main" track of the EP in typical Advanced Dealer style. Euphoric and energic melody, orchestral breakdown and a hammering kickdrum. Everything supported by the voice of Mc Axys.

Impossible to stand still!

War god #TiH

Another tale, this time darker and more aggressive. A powerful kickdrum and a cinematic war atmosphere rapidly evolve into a devastating drop. The beginning of a war on the dancefloor!

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