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A-lusion - Out In The Open 3: The Final Act - Lussive Music - 02:36:17 - 21.11.2014

Out In The Open 3: The Final Act


Label:Lussive Music
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Length:02:36:17 / 20 tracks


A-LUSION presents: OUT IN THE OPEN 3: The Final Act

Dutch DJ & Producer A-lusion, has been exploring new worlds and breaking boundaries on his new Out in The Open album series.
The third edition of his ongoing album project, initiated in 2012, brings us everything Hardstyle stands for and so much more.
From the classic reverse bass sounds, to the modern euphoric and raw aural explosions.

Breaking from the norm was a must for this album, as it sets free from the common 150 beats per minute. Out in the Open 3 showcases tracks that with parts that range from 138, 145, 148, 150, 160 and all the way to 170 bpm. A-lusion also expands his reach to collaborate with various artists from around the globe. Featured in this album are producers / singers / songwriters from The Netherlands, Australia, The United States, Russia and Colombia. The album includes collaborations with renowned artists like Luna, Scope DJ, S-Dee, and also young talented artists such as Betavoice and Tyro Maniac.

With over a decade of experience in producing Hardstyle and performances around the globe at festivals like Qlimax, Defqon.1, Hard Bass and EDC Las Vegas, A-lusion knows how to perfect his sound for the international dance floors and festivals.
In this third, full length mixed album, the true Out in The Open sound unfolds. It is filled with unique complex sound design, combined with energetic driven rhythms, drums and basslines.
It is a journey into a musical awakening, complemented by euphoric vocal tracks and then progressing to the harder sounds of Hardstyle.

‘OUT IN THE OPEN 3 – THE FINAL ACT’ will be released on Lussive Music and will be available in stores, as well as on your favorite download portals, from the 21st of November 2014.

Album Tracks
1A-lusion Ft. M'Key - All Around UsAll Around UsRadio EditA-lusion Ft. M'Key
Single download192 kbps MP3€ 0,99
2A-lusion & Betavoice - Get CrazyGet CrazyRadio EditA-lusion & Betavoice
Single download192 kbps MP3€ 0,99
3A-lusion - In Every Place (2014 Mix)In Every Place (2014 Mix)Radio EditA-lusion
Single download192 kbps MP3€ 0,99
4A-lusion - Good To Be FreeGood To Be FreeRadio EditA-lusion
Single download192 kbps MP3€ 0,99
5A-lusion Ft. Jannika - UntouchableUntouchableRadio EditA-lusion Ft. Jannika
Single download192 kbps MP3€ 0,99
6A-lusion & S-Dee - All These SymbolsAll These SymbolsRadio EditA-lusion & S-Dee
Single download192 kbps MP3€ 0,99
7A-lusion Ft. Adamo Fiscella - As High AsAs High AsRadio EditA-lusion Ft. Adamo Fiscella
Single download192 kbps MP3€ 0,99
8A-lusion Ft. Lottie Mae Jones - Brand New DayBrand New DayRadio EditA-lusion Ft. Lottie Mae Jones
Single download192 kbps MP3€ 0,99
9A-lusion & Tyro Maniac Ft. Rosli - Young & FearlessYoung & FearlessRadio EditA-lusion & Tyro Maniac Ft. Rosli
Single download192 kbps MP3€ 0,99
10A-lusion & Scope DJ - Tears Will DryTears Will DryRadio EditA-lusion & Scope DJ
Single download192 kbps MP3€ 0,99
11A-lusion - Music In MotionMusic In MotionRadio EditA-lusion
Single download192 kbps MP3€ 0,99
12A-lusion Ft. Paolo Francisco - EnergizeEnergizeRadio EditA-lusion Ft. Paolo Francisco
Single download192 kbps MP3€ 0,99
13A-lusion - Back To The FutureBack To The FutureRadio EditA-lusion
Single download192 kbps MP3€ 0,99
14A-lusion - Auditory PhenomenaAuditory PhenomenaRadio EditA-lusion
Single download192 kbps MP3€ 0,99
15A-lusion - Are You ReadyAre You ReadyRadio EditA-lusion
Single download192 kbps MP3€ 0,99
16A-lusion - Pushing OnPushing OnRadio EditA-lusion
Single download192 kbps MP3€ 0,99
17A-lusion & Luna - You Do Not Control MeYou Do Not Control MeRadio EditA-lusion & Luna
Single download192 kbps MP3€ 0,99
18A-lusion - The Final ActThe Final ActRadio EditA-lusion
Single download192 kbps MP3€ 0,99
19A-lusion - SloopwerkSloopwerkRadio EditA-lusion
Single download192 kbps MP3€ 0,99
20A-lusion - Out In The Open 3: The Final ActOut In The Open 3: The Final ActContinuous Album MixA-lusion
Mix download192 kbps MP3€ 9,99
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