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A-lusion - Let The Music Take Control (Original & 135 Hybrid Mix) - Lussive Music - 09:33 - 25.02.2016

Let The Music Take Control (Original & 135 Hybrid Mix)

Original & 135 Hybrid Mix


Label:Lussive Music
Category:Downloads / Albums
Code:LUS 55
Length:09:33 / 2 tracks


Are you ready for something new and different? A mixture of genres, past and present?
2016 is set to be the year of the return of Reverse Bass in Hardstyle.
A-lusion has already been feeding us with his share of Hardstyle Basslines in the past years.
In his new track: 'Let The Music Take Control' he shows us what the Reverse Bass is all about.
But not only the Reverse Bass, as it also contains EDM styled punchy kicks and classic Hardstyle leads.

The track is available in an Original Mix and in a Hybrid mix which starts and ends on 135 bpm, but is hitting the dance floor in full effect on 150 bpm in the main part of the track.

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