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You're Not Ready: Rebelion


Start date:18 July 2020 23:30
End date:19 July 2020 02:30
Location:Poppodium 013, Tilburg, Netherlands
Minimum age:18
Genre(s): Hardstyle, Rawstyle

"Finally see your favorite headliner live again. Finally feeling that bass rattle through your chest again. Finally enjoying the sickest light and LED show again. So sick that despite your party urge you are not ready yet… .. You're Not Ready.Together with First Impression we join forces for a unique dance experience in the Main of 013, Tilburg. Exclusively accessible to just a few hundred enthusiasts who can't wait to re-enter the club. Take a seat with your best party buddy and enjoy this musical and visual spectacle for two hours. If you think you are ready for this… think twice.This show is all about an extra long set by the Scottish raw dews from Rebelion. Roughstate family member Invector takes care of the warm-up."

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