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DEDIQATED: 20 Years of Q-Dance


Date:08 February 2020 12:00 - 23:00
Location:Gelredome, Arnhem, Netherlands
Minimum age:18
Genre(s): Hardstyle

"If you are part of our harder styles family, if you visited more than 50 events or just experienced your first, forged friendships or met the love of your life during one of our many festivals. If you drove your parents insane with the penetrating sound of the reverse bass, hit the dirt during POWER HOUR, watched our endshows with tears in your eyes or spend endless hours in touring cars just to be in time for the opening show. If you worked your ass off the entire year just to be reunited with our tribe once more.Then you’re one with us and we are one with you. Then you’re a Q-dancer in heart and mind. Then…you are DEDIQATED.One for all, all for the harder styles.We only celebrate our birthday once every ten years, so make sure to join us before it's too late. "

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