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Merchandise - Cd/dvd

The Prophet - LOUDER

The Prophet

Brand:The Prophet

Price:€ 14,99
Status:Sold out


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Music is like a second nature to The Prophet. That's why he's been part of the music scene for the past 25 years. The tide of waiting is over for his fans. It's here, after all these years it's time to introduce the debut album of the true pioneer of the harder styles called LOUDER.

His musical journey is packed in 20 tracks. So it's no surprise LOUDER contains the perfect mixture of his favourite styles like melodic, oldschool, hardcore and more. All tracks are produced out of pure passion and love for the harder styles. That's why the album is an absolute musthave for the true lover of the harder styles.

Creating the album was an emotional challenge for him. The sound of the album needed to express a feeling that fits The Prophet perfectly. Words that came directly to his mind while producing it were Limitless, Overruling, Unstoppable, Distorted, Epic & Raw. Together they form LOUDER. The only word that represents who The Prophet really is, what he loves, how he feels... his true core.

Experience the style of this legend, his music and his life all capped on what's already about to be the harder style album of the year. Get LOUDER with The Prophet and buy this musthave.

1. The Prophet - Tracking The Beat
2. The Prophet - H3Y! (2014 Edit)
3. The Prophet - For The Better
4. The Prophet & Noisecontrollers & Leonie Meijer - Make Me Stay
5. The Prophet - Breaks - In The Mix
6. The Prophet - Hoo-Ey
7. The Prophet & The Anarchist - Triple F (Fight For Freedom)
8. The Prophet - One Moment (Bass Modulators Remix)
9. The Prophet & Rob Gee - Evil Rains
10. The Prophet feat Lilly Julian - Echoes
11. The Prophet & Audiotricz - Conquer The World
12. The Prophet - Embrace
13. The Prophet - Breaks - Fakkin Hardstyle
14. The Prophet - LOUDER
15. The Prophet - The Bizz
16. The Prophet - Breaks - High
17. The Prophet & Adaro - I'm The King
18. The Prophet - Breaks - I Come Correct
19. The Prophet - Punk MF (The Masochist feat. MC Axys Remix)
20. The Prophet - Afsluitplaatje

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