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Merchandise - Cd/dvd

Da Tweekaz - Time 2 Shine

Dirty Workz | DWX

Brand:Dirty Workz | DWX

Price:€ 15,95
Status:Sold out



1. Da Tweekaz - Time 2 Shine
2. Da Tweekaz feat Lene Kokai - Norwegian Lullaby (Eg Har En Tulle)
3. Da Tweekaz - Cheese Police
4. Da Tweekaz & Hard Driver - Feel The Night
5. Isaac - The Sound Of The Underground (Da Tweekaz Album Mix)
6. Da Tweekaz feat Mc Chucky - Born This Way
7. Da Tweekaz - Tweekend
8. Da Tweekaz feat Oscar - Break The Spell
9. Da Tweekaz & In-Phase - Don't Stop
10. Demoniak - The World Needs To Hear (Da Tweekaz remix)
11. Da Tweekaz & Coone - Born In The 80's
12. Da Tweekaz - Become (Wasted Penguinz remix)
13. Da Tweekaz and Josh & Wesz - Catch The Light
14. Da Tweekaz feat Ozkar - Break The Spell (Hixxy remix)

After 'Coone - The Challenge' this is the second social media hyped release by the people of Dirty Workz. Da Tweekaz were the no 1 hardstyle act this summer on the festival stages. All exclusive new tracks and great collabs. The marketing will guarantee big sales. Do believe the hype!

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