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Merchandise - Cd/dvd

Alphaverb - Substream (Album)

Avio Records

Brand:Avio Records

Price:€ 9,99
Status:In stock


AVIO Records presents its first artist album, produced by Alphaverb. Alphaverb is known for his alternative approach on today's hardstyle and with this album he shows that he likes to think out of the box.


01. Rockin' Da Rework
02. The Otherside (Album Version)
03. Give It Up Again (ft. Bass Modulators)
04. Energize
05. Just A Little Noise (ft. Run-A)
06. Controlled Choas
07. Roots Of Evil (ft. Intractable One)
08. F*ck The Nice Guys
09. Substream
10. Realization Of A Dream
11. Destination Nowhere (ft. Intractable One)
12. Back
13. Chemistry Of Sound (ft. The Machine)
14. Thunderstyle (Remastered Album Mix)
15. Over and Over
16. Stimulate Your Curiosity

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